DraconicCraft Season 10



You've arrived at the only definitive place to make an acquisition at DraconicCraft that's going to be really worth it! Regardless of what you want, ranging from showing off a new rank or simply boost your progress in-game with some cool gems or crate keys, we've got you covered! 

Remember every donation is aimed at covering server hosting costs and other payments we have to make periodically to keep the server up. Without your support, this server wouldn't be possible! 

Chargeback TOS for PayPal payments

We always expect issues that do not arise, but sometimes occurrences happen such as unexpected chargebacks. We have a strict policy regarding this which consists of that we'll not be open to any negotiations; all purchases are final and you will get instantly banned from DraconicCraft as soon as we identify the username linked to the disputed payment source. Neither a fine nor staff compassion will happen, so beware. 

We work hard for this server and just like we value your payment, we also value that you value our effort. So if you value us, please don't make us waste time replying to disputes in which resolution is going to be declined once given the proof of shipment to the PayPal Team. 

Support & Questions

Any queries you may have after or before purchase, forward them to our Discord server.

Discord Code Server: https://discord.gg/jebNx2jCfw

Vote Server: votedraconic.tk